Kevin James Bywater

Kevin James Bywater

Kevin James Bywater

I am the father of five children and the husband of one wife. I felt that should be clarified since I’m also a former fifth-generation Mormon. You know, people assume things. I’m also a third-generation percussionist. Well, that might be a modest overstatement. I’m rather more a drummer than a percussionist. To my mind, there is a difference. 

I’ve been on the staff of Summit Ministries since the summer of 1992. I have been an administrator, researcher, author, editor, and lecturer. Currently I am the Director and Resident Scholar of the Summit Oxford Stu

dy Centre, a division of Summit that began in the autumn of 2008. And I love my work with our fantastic students! 

I earned a B.S. degree in Philosophy from Utah State UniversityWell, some things just are what they are. Why a B.S. and not a B.A.? Well, I lacked the relevant language courses required for a less humorous degree. Also, I hold a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from New Geneva Theological Seminary and have done significant graduate work at Denver Seminary, studying with such scholars as Craig Blomberg, Richard Hess, and Douglas Groothuis. I also have done postgraduate work in New Testament and Related Studies at Durham University (and, yes, I do hope to complete my Ph.D. thesis soon and very soon).

As a former fifth-generation Mormon, I have dedicated much of my Christian life to informing Christians about the beliefs and practices of pseudo-Christian religions (otherwise known as “cults”), as well as offering experienced advice on witnessing to members of such groups. And, yes, I do love and appreciate my Mormon relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Well, for the most part.  

Along with authoring a variety of material on pseudo-Christian religions, Objectivism (the philosophy of Ayn Rand), the environmental interface of alternative worldviews, religious pluralism, Islam, and abortion, I co-researched and co-authored (with David A. Noebel and J.F. Baldwin) the book Clergy in the Classroom: The Religion of Secular Humanism (Summit Press). It was quite a task wading for six months through the sewers of the writings of the signatories of the first two Humanist Manifestoes. I’m sure glad that’s over. Therapy was fun, though. 

While Director of Summit’s Curriculum Department, I wrote and/or content-edited (in cooperation with highly dedicated and gifted team members) Summit’s video curriculum materials for junior high (Lightbearers Christian Worldview Curriculum) and high school (Understanding the Times Curriculum). While Director of Research I was involved with researching and lecturing, as well as script-writing and interviews for Summit’s ever-increasing video library.

At Summit Ministries’ various seminars, I often lecture on such topics as critical thinking, worldview analysis, pseudo-Christian religions, the New Age movement, Islam, moral relativism, the historicity of Jesus, and various social and intellectual aspects of our culture. At Summit Oxford we address these subjects and many, many more.

We reside in a lovely village to the west of Oxford, England, and sometimes also in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America.