Does God Whisper? by Greg Koukl

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Greg KouklGreg Koukl, of Stand to Reason, has produced a three-part series on whether God whispers to us. I often hear people say that prayer is listening to God. But God already has spoken. What is prayer is when we answer back? Anyhow, take your time in reading through these pieces. They deserve to be pondered with care. And enjoy!

Does God Whisper? – part 1 (pdf)
The notion that each Christian can receive personal revelation from the Almighty was novel in times past. Nowadays, though, listening to Christians talk about it, the experience appears to be ubiquitous. • audio version (mp3)

Does God Whisper? – part 2 (pdf)
Does the Bible teach that, as a matter of course, every believer can expect his or her own private revelations, two-way personalized communications, and custom-tailored guidance from God? • audio version (mp3)

Does God Whisper – part 3 (pdf)
In this final installment, Greg addresses some other ways the idea has been defended. • audio version (mp3)