ANNOUNCING • Oxford Study Centre Partnering with Ratio Christi

Oxford, U.K. — The Oxford Study Centre is pleased to announce a partnership with Ratio Christi, an international apologetics alliance.

What is Ratio Christi?

Ratio Christi is a global movement that teaches students and academics the historical, philosophical, and scientific evidence for following Jesus Christ. Their goal is both to bolster allegiance to Jesus and to be equipped to present Christian convictions intelligently and respectfully to atheists, skeptics, and practitioners of other religions.

Ratio Christi is humbled and privileged to join forces with the Oxford Study Centre in offering quality apologetics and worldview content in such an acclaimed academic setting,” says Tyler Geffeney, Direct of Ratio Christi International. “Kevin is a seasoned educator and we are confident in his ability to equip students to effectively engage in the marketplace of competing worldviews. The merger of our two organizations is a big step forward in Ratio Christi International’s quest to champion the Christian worldview as intellectually and academically viable.”

Ratio Christi supports apologetics groups at over 200 universities, colleges, and high schools, including a growing number of international chapters.

“I have watched Ratio Christi grow since its inception,” noted Mr. Bywater. “Being able to link up with Ratio Christi promises to be beneficial all around. It is an honor to be part of the Ratio Christi team!”

“The Oxford Study Centre puts students in a position for long-term success, helping them integrate academic and vocational pursuits with a spiritual depth in worldview and character. Kevin James Bywater has a proven track record of leading and mentoring. The new partnership with Ratio Christi is a perfect.”
~John Stonestreet, President, The Colson Center for Christian Worldview