10 Presentations You Must See

10 Presentations You Must See

Lists like this are a bit of a gimmick. “Click bait” is the term, I believe. But I’m listing them here out of a conviction that the presentations that follow are, in fact, worth your time. While other presentations surely are just as worthy of your time, these are ten that have impressed me as worth hearing here at the end of 2016 (and, no, these aren’t necessarily presentations made or posted in 2016).

Now, I struggled with even the thought of attempting to rank these, or even to put them here in any particular order. Different considerations would result in a different ordering. But I’m not ranking or ordering them in terms of importance. I feel like each is important is significant and notable ways. So, I offer you ten presentations I believe you’ll want to watch or hear.


Planned Parenthood Videos and Preparing to Proclaim Life

Katherine Rea BywaterThe 9th video exposing the nefarious Planned Parenthood scheme to market baby parts for research has surfaced. In this video we learn of schemes to profit and acknowledgments that babies were born and then “harvested” so parts of their bodies would be sold to research facilities. While no images of babies appear, the content remains disturbing and repulsive.


The 8th Planned Parenthood Exposé Video (updated with full video)

Katherine Rea BywaterThe eighth video exposing how Planned Parenthood trafficks in fetal body parts has been posted. The controversial series of undercover videos has drawn both applause and condemnation. Even so, neither advocates nor opponents of Planned Parenthood can deny one thing: they are selling whole and dismembered baby body parts (and some of the babies are born alive).

Some may deny that these are human babies. That they are human is confirmable by testing, if not by sight. But it just stands to reason that they are human, since they are fetuses that have gestated inside their human mothers. That they are babies can be debated, in that some hold that a human fetus becomes a human baby precisely by being born. But that is a semantic matter. That there is a continuity between fetus and baby and toddler and such is well established. Reason tells us that we did not come from fetuses; rather, each of us once was a fetus, we simply were permitted to keep maturing into what we are today. 


Good Ol’ Baby Killers: Planned (Un)Parenthood

What is the most dangerous place on Earth for humans? Planned Parenthood. Why? Because just under half of the humans who enter there fail to exit alive.

That’s right, the good ol’ baby killers are back in the spotlight: Planned (Un)Parenthood. And it is ever more obvious that President Barak Obama is aiming for abortion being safe, legal, and…as frequent as possible. And funded by the government!

Rare? Who cares about rare? Why should it be rare? Should clipping one’s nails be rare? Should any personally-judged surgery be rare? Of course not. Who are you to judge?! No, Obama is an abortion extremist!

So, for a bit of reading about the largest abortion mill on the planet, here are a couple offerings (both PDF for download):

Killer Angel: A Biography of Planned Parenthood’s Founder, Margaret Sanger, by George Grant

Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood, by George Grant

And as the election approaches, may I draw your attention to some of my earlier thoughts:

I Elect to Be Truly Pro-Life

The Lesser of Two Evils in Voting

The Lesser of Two Evils in Voting?

Recently, over on Facebook, I was involved in some discussion as a follow on my earlier piece, “I Elect to Be Truly Pro-Life.”

At one juncture I was pointed to the video below and asked for my thoughts. I had no idea how clarifying the video would be. It is a persuasive speech. It is impressive, in a sense, though, for me, it is far from persuasive. Below is my response.